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Practice in Clinical & Health Psychology
Dr. Horst H. Mueller, RPsych
Private Practice in Clinical and Health Psychology

College of Alberta Psychologists, Practice Licence #1290
Listed Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists #5465
Senior Fellow, Biofeedback Certification International Alliance
Diplomate-Fellow, International College of Prescribing Psychologists
and the Prescribing Psychologists Register of America
Board Certified in EEG Neurofeedback and Psychopharmacology


Offices located within:
Mind Alive Inc.
6716-75 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6T9


In response to increasing calls from government and health authorities to limit all but essential personal, social, and business contact with others so as to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, I have made the decision to temporarily close my psychology practice office and limit my psychology practice to televideo consultations with my current patients as may be practical or necessary until the current COVID-19 emergency lifts.

Effective Friday, March 20, I am cancelling all currently booked patient appointments and not accepting any new patients until at least the end of May Easter -- very possibly longer.

I will be keeping in touch with my currently active treatment patients by e-mail (drhmueller@telus.net) or telephone (780.318.0446) and will let all know immediately when I will be re-opening my practice and re-booking appointments. New patient consultations already booked for times beyond May 31st will need to be re-confirmed as their appointment dates come closer.

For those few patients whose treatment has been largely counselling as opposed to in-office biofeedback or neurofeedback sessions, arrangements may be made to continue services via an on-line televideo service such as SKYPE. That said, all my patients are welcome to continue contact with me via e-mail.

This decision has been difficult for me to make but your safety and the safety of all those that you come into contact with... family and friends and the general public... must remain the highest priority.

God bless you all and please keep well.

Dr. Horst Mueller, RPsych
Practice in Clinical & Health Psychology


 Connecting the Mind
and Body for Health

Specializing in the application of schema-focused cognitive and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapies, applied psychophysiology and biofeedback, and EEG/HEG neurotherapies to the treatment of chronic mental
and physical health problems.


 Dr. Horst H. Mueller, RPsych

Although Dr. Mueller's private psychology practice is completely independent of and not formally associated with Mind Alive Inc., Dr. Mueller has for many years used neuromodulation and neurostimulation devices manufactured and sold by Mind Alive Inc. in his practice and with his patients. Dr. Mueller's patients can purchase audiovisual EEG entrainment, cranial electrostimulation, and transcranial direct-current stimulation devices for personal use directly from Mind Alive Inc. in Edmonton. 


GOTO: www.mindalive.com

For more detailed information on QEEG brain mapping, EEG and HEG neurofeedback and various other neurotherapies, GOTO: www.edmontonneurotherapy.com 

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